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As you establish yourself as an advisor, you may feel the need to make a change in your affiliation in order to continue to grow the practice you desire. If you are currently not an independent advisor, that next step may be to join a firm that will allow you to strike out on your own, make your own decisions about your practice, and control your clients' business. If you are already independent, you may be struggling to grow on your own and feeling a lack of support. Exploring a firm that offers training, marketing and business processing support, or teaming opportunities may be what you need to propel your career. Whether you are currently with a wirehouse firm or are looking to join a team, Platinum Wealth Solutions of Texas may be the firm your practice needs.

Independence Opportunity    Teaming Opportunity

Independence Opportunity

Becoming independent is the best way to ensure autonomy and ownership with your practice. Autonomy to make the decisions you think are best for your practice to grow. Ownership to know that as you build relationships with your clients, they can continue to be your clients, even if you decide to relocate or join a new firm.

Our advisors know that the practices they build and the relationships they forge with their clients are their own.

What Independence Looks Like:

Choose your affiliation model and office where you prefer

Access to better payout structures

Benefit from economies of scale as you tie into your firm's resources

Build highly customized financial plans to present to your clients 

Maintain the relationships you've built with your clients, wherever you go

Access a wider set of product options to find the best fit for your client

Build equity as you continue to grow the value of your practice

Control the future of your career and your practice

Teaming Opportunity

As an advisor with our firm, you may choose to join a successful advisory team that will allow you to add to the level of customer service you are already providing to your clients while benefiting from economies of scale in your practice. Our experienced advisors can help to add clients to your book of business as their practices naturally grow. These relationships may also lead to opportunities to purchase books of business in the future. As an advisor with our firm, you are fully independent with control over your own practice and the ability to build equity while also having access to first-class support systems.

We have several successful advisory teams looking to add qualified financial advisors to assist with their growing book of business.

What Teaming Looks Like:

Service clients from an experienced advisor’s growing book of business

Utilize the years of experience on your team to better serve your clients

Mentorship from experienced advisors

Opportunities to purchase books of business

Benefit from economies of scale

Broaden your service offerings


Elizabeth Valenti, Sr. Vice President of Platinum Wealth Solutions of Texas, LLC, has been in the financial services profession since 2006 helping clients and financial advisors achieve their full potential. Elizabeth is co-owner of the firm and is responsible for leading, managing and attracting new talent to her winning team of advisors and staff.

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