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Case Studies

young professional

Josh, the Young Professional



Primary Goals

Pay off student loans, how to invest smarter, understand hidden pitfalls

The Problem/Challenge

Josh just graduated University a few short years ago. While he’d been lucky enough to find a particularly good job in his field, Josh never really gave his financial life much thought. 

He felt like he had a healthy income and was contributing to his retirement plan through work on the advice of his parents. 

He also enjoyed the things he wanted, like ski trips out to Colorado with his friends during the winter and vacations with his family up north during the summer. 

Since Josh had some extra money at the end of each month he started to wonder if there was more he could be doing to save for his future. Josh’s parents were discussing their own financial plan they’d just put together with a financial advisor and this piqued his interest. 

Maybe he should talk to a financial advisor?

The Solution/Approach

When Josh reached out to us, we began by understanding his goals and most importantly his values around his own finances. We then guided him through our planning process to develop his unique financial plan.

This process involved:

  • Assessing Josh’s options for tax advantaged saving within his employer retirement plan.
  • Using cash flow modeling to project the impact of paying off student loans early
  • Analyzing the allocation inside his employer retirement plan based on his personal risk level
  • Educating Josh on available insurance and disability options

Putting everything down on paper allowed Josh to understand what his entire financial picture looked like and see how he should be planning for his future.

The Reward/Results

The planning process helped Josh in many ways:

  • Josh now understands some of the pitfalls to avoid as he moves forward
  • He has a plan to pay off his student loans
  • His financial plan gives him a clear blueprint for future financial success

Today, Josh still enjoys traveling with his friends out to Colorado for ski trips and vacationing with his family at the lake house. But now he has a clear vision for his financial goals and a path to work towards them.

He is excited about his future and knows that as his life inevitably changes his financial plan can change and adapt with him. 

Josh’s plan is reviewed regularly to ensure that his advisor understands his goals and can provide a sounding board for future financial decisions. 


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